Sharon Des Jardins

MLH Redesign Services

“The way you live in a home and the way you sell your house are two very different things!”
Barb Schwarz


Over the past several years I have been decorating homes also.  It has
always been a passion of mine, and I am honored to help my clients
reinvent their homes! I am now proud to offer design and decoratings
services to homeowners in San Miguel and surrounds through my
home furnishings showroom.  


Looking for a change? No problem, with MLH Redesign we will come and meet with you and discuss your “must have” list along with your budget. We will pick out the items, pick up the items and deliver them to your home. Once there we will set up your home to show its best potential. At MLH Redesign we turn a house into a home!


We can help you decide what stays, what goes, and show you how to best utilize your existing furnishings and accessories in your new space, to make it feel instantly like home. Perhaps you just don’t know where to place your furniture or how best to utilize the space? Let MLH Redesign help you!


MLH Redesign provides you the opportunity to relax, while we shop for all the unique accessories and special items that will bring each room the cohesive, flow and definition. You’ll be truly amazed at the transformation that a few carefully selected purchases can bring to your redesigned home. Let MLH Redesign free up what is most valuable to you…your TIME! While keeping your bottom line in mind!


MLH Redesign has a variety of pricing solutions to suit any budget. Please feel free to contact us directly for more information.
Hiring a professional Interior Redesign Consultant is the most cost effective solution to maximize your home’s fullest potential.