Welcome to MLH Curated Real Estate

"Curated" has made our lives so much easier.  Beyond the traditional notion of a
curated collection at a museum, bands are “curating” music festivals, and collections
of products to purchase are now being described as “curated” too.  
Come to think of it,
the only thing that hasn’t been curated is luxury real estate.  Mexico Luxury Homes
Curated Real Estate is changing that. Now interested buyers don’t have to weed
through 100’s of real estate websites and through millions of bad houses to find the
good. We’re doing all that for them in an editorial, searchable curated real estate listing


Mexico Luxury Homes Curated Real Estate was started by Sharon Des Jardins, an
experienced real estate Agent/Broker with 18 years in the business.  She has worked
with high profile celebrities, Grammy Award winning musicians, a former White House
Press Secretary, TV Directors, Producers, a Pulitzer Prize winner, an Aeronautical Engineer,

and many other people from all walks of life.


In addition, Mexico Luxury Home offers buyers, agents, and sellers a user-friendly way
to view and search the best real estate in the world. All listings on Mexico Luxury Homes a
re chosen by Mexico Luxury Homes editors. Mexico Luxury Homes Curated Real Estate
can be modern or traditional, expensive or inexpensive, in rural towns or urban cities ... the
only criteria is that they're in some way great.


Mexico Luxury Homes Curated Real Estate is curating luxury listings from San Miguel de
all over Mexico, Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world.